1. Discussion about the paper
  2. Reasons of rejection
  3.                                                     i.     Novelty
  4.                                                    ii.     Application
  5.                                                  iii.     Technical treatment
  6.                                                  iv.     Reviewers
  7.                                                    v.     Tendency of JoB
  8. What would be the best next step?
  9.                                                     i.     Resubmission?
  10.                                                    ii.     Other type submission? Such a short communication
  11.                                                  iii.     No more JoB
  12. Possible applications with the database?
  13. Gait pattern prediction
  14.                                                     i.     Exploring latent variables in human body (reduced order manifold) for the gait pattern prediction
  15. Proof of biomechanics theories,
  16.                                                     i.     Jerk minimization theory
  17. Others?

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